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DocuSign eSignature Developer Center

First Step
Getting Started with the DocuSign API SDK

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Code Walkthroughs
[[Code Walkthrough _ Create And Send Envelope|Code Walkthrough--Create And Send Envelope]]
[[Code Walkthrough _ The RequestStatus methods|Code Walkthrough-
-The RequestStatus methods]]
[[Code Walkthrough _ Retrieving Documents from DocuSign|Code Walkthrough--Retrieving Documents from DocuSign]]
[[Code Walkthrough _ Signer Attachments|Code Walkthrough-
-Signer Attachments]]
[[Code Walkthrough _ Embedded Signing|Code Walkthrough--Embedded Signing]]
[[Code Walkthrough _ Anchor Tabs|Code Walkthrough-
-Anchor Tabs]]

Concepts _ Tabs
Concepts _ Recipients

Terms to Know
Integrator Key - Identifies a single integration. Every API request includes the Integrator Key and a Username(Email)/Password combination.
Envelope - Just like a normal Postal Envelope. It contains components like Documents, Recipients, and Tabs.
Document - The PDF, Doc, Image, or other item you want signed. If it is not a PDF you must include the File Extension in the API call.
Tab - Tied to a position of a Document and defines what happens there. For example, you have a SignHere Tab wherever you want a Recipient to sign.
Recipient - The person (people) you want to send the Envelope to. Requires a UserName and Email.
Captive Recipient - Recipient signs in an iFrame on your website instead of receiving an email.
PowerForm - A pre-created Envelope that you can launch instead of writing server-side code.

Popular API Methods
CreateAndSendEnvelope - Create Envelope, specify Recipients, Documents, and Tabs on the Documents within that Envelope. Recipient(s) receive an email with a link back to DocuSign to Sign the Envelope.
CreateAndSendEnvelopeFromTemplates - Create an Envelope from a Template on your account.
RequestSenderToken - Edit the Envelope in the DocuSign Tagger before sending.
RequestRecipientToken - Used for Embedded Signing where you don't want the (Captive) Recipient to leave your website.
RequestStatus - Detailed information about an existing Envelope.
RequestPDF - Get a copy of the Envelope PDF

Debugging SOAP traces

NetBeans and DocuSign API
Accessing DocuSign API from Java using NetBeans

Blog Posts
Create DocuSign HTTP Header Authentication in .NET - Oct. 17, 2011
API Typography - Oct. 6, 2011
Populate Dynamic Tabs in a Template - Oct. 3, 2011
DocuSign and Twilio - Void Envelopes by Phone - Sept. 30, 2011

Knowledge Base
How to Get and Set Up Your Integrator Key
DocuSign Certification Steps

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