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A Recipient is somebody who receives the Document. Typically, the person is a Signer or a CarbonCopy. Other types include: Agent, Editor, CertifiedDelivery or InPersonSigner

Captive Recipient (Embedded Signing)

If you want to host the signing experience (as an iFrame inside your existing website), check out Code Walkthrough _ Embedded Signing

Recipient: Signer

alt A Recipient marked as a "Signer" is assigned to multiple Tabs.

Recipient: CarbonCopy

A CarbonCopy Recipient simply receives a copy of the Envelope upon completion.

Recipient: [Other]

To get information about additional Recipient types, search the API Guide


The RoutingOrder is specified for each Recipient. For example, if you want Person B to wait until Person A has finished signing, simply specify RoutingOrder = 1 for Person A, and RoutingOrder = 2 for Person B.