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A set of programmable client libraries that enable developers to integrate their products with DocuSign’s signature service API on iOS
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DocuSign Native iOS SDK

The DocuSign Native iOS SDK is a framework for Objective-C and Swift projects. Using the SDK, you can integrate the online and offline signing features of DocuSign into your own iOS application.

For detailed instructions and getting started with DocuSign Sandbox, please refer to the official site.


  • The SDK is written in Objective-C, but will work with projects in Objective-C or Swift (4.x and later).
  • Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • It is recommended that developers use Xcode 10.x or later.



Refer to Getting Started Guide to install CocoaPods via gem install cocoapods command and initialize the project. Take a look at sample projects included here swift app and objective-c app.

  • Add pod 'DocuSign' to podfile to target(s) in your project. Example: Swift Sample App Podfile
  • Run pod install in the same directory as your Podfile to get the DocuSign Native iOS SDK pod. This should result in Installing DocuSign (2.1.3) output on the console and corresponding changes in the Podfile.lock.
  • Launch modified .xcworkspace project file with Xcode and use workspace going forward instead of .xcodeproj file.

Manual Integration Guide

  • Download the and unarchive it.
  • Copy the DocuSignSDK.framework to root folder of your app and follow the steps on the Integration section.


  • Refer the Getting Started and Integration section on the Developer's Site for more details on creating DocuSign Sandbox Account, Integration and using SDK Core Interfaces.
  • Reference Docs to browse the latest developer documentation including API reference and public header files
  • Raise an issue here on GitHub for quick response.
  • We also have an active developer community on Stack Overflow, search the DocuSignAPI tag.


The DocuSign Native iOS SDK is licensed under the following License.

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