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Cosmic Wimpout for the Palm


This is really really old stuff. I'm putting it here in case someone wants to use it. This information is from (roughly) the last version.


screenshot This is a version of Cosmic Wimpout for Palm OS (versions 2 and up, tested only on version 3.x). Cosmic Wimpout is very similar to the game Zonk This game uses the Cosmic Wimpout version of the rules.

Cosmic Wimpout is sort of like a cross between poker and cribbage but with dice. In this version, only a maximum of 10 people can play at a time, passing around the Palm. I have the place holders for a computer AI, but that is not implemented yet.


  • Follows the official rules and some popular variants
  • Up to 8 players
  • Allows some variant rules
  • Source is released under the GPL
  • Well thought out on-line documentation
  • I no longer use a Palm device nor do I program for them. I also have no interest in buying a new one. These palm programs may or may not work with the newest palm software.

If you must have one of my palm programs with the latest greatest palm device, you can contact me to talk about payment. Or you can take this open source software and fix it yourself. :-)


** This is currently BETA **

Though it is really close to being done! It has never caused any problems for me or anyone I know of.... Actually, it has only caused harmless problems, but I usually fix those real fast.

Beta 2.x will be the last betas before release. Currently (as of Dec 29th, 2000) CWimp has everything in it that I'll put in it. EXCEPT for translations. I will work on those after a final/gold version is released. Download it

The binary files are available in this git checkout.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The name "Cosmic Wimpout" and the Sun Burst Logo are Trademarks of C3, Inc. All the rights of those trade marks are reserved by them.

Everything else on this page, including this text and the snapshot image is Copyright 1998-2004,2006 Christian Höltje. Unless you have permission from me, you cannot use this material.


Cosmic Wimpout for the Palm






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