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You must have python 2.5 or newer.
-## Quick Install
+## Quick Start
-This is being worked on. A new version will be done soon.
+If you've never used HomeDir, then just run this from the command line:
+ curl -O- | python
+If you don't have curl, then just download []( and run it with your copy of python.
+If you already have `~/bin` in your path, then homedir will "Just Work™".
+### Previous HomeDir users
+If you've using the pre-2.0 version of HomeDir (hosted on then you should back up your .homedir directory before running the above `` script.
+The main change is that everything in `~/.homedir/files` has been moved to `~/.homedir/packages` and the packages will no longer be automatically updated.
## Similar Ideas
@@ -74,11 +86,6 @@ This allows for more flexability for managing packages.
This also means that sync/synccmd is no longer supported.
-### Setup/Upgrade
-This new version is much easier to keep up-to-date. Just execute the command `homedir setup` and it'll
-get the latest version from GitHub.
## Plans/Todo
* Finish moving out the package and dependency checking stuff into a Catalog class.

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