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rbenv-chefdk: Use ChefDK with rbenv

This plugin lets you treat ChefDK as another version in rbenv.

deprecated ChefDK has been replaced by Chef Workstation. See the rbenv-chef-workstation plugin instead.


  • ChefDK installed in /opt/chefdk


From GitHub

To install rbenv-chefdk, clone this repository into the $(rbenv root)/plugins directory.

cd $(rbenv root)/plugins
git clone <url>

On macOS

On macOS, you can use brew to install:

brew install rbenv-chefdk

Warning: If you've previously installed ChefDK which led you to using this plugin, you will want to remove the profile changes recommended in the ChefDK install instructions or in the Homebrew info gist. Otherwise rbenv or ChefDK will not work correctly.

Then create an empty directory in $(rbenv root)/versions called chefdk:

$ mkdir "$(rbenv root)/versions/chefdk"

Finally, change to the new chefdk version and run rbenv rehash.

$ rbenv shell chefdk
$ rbenv rehash
$ rbenv which ruby

That's it!


If you are having problems, try running

$ $SHELL "$(rbenv root)/plugins/rbenv-chefdk/"

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, what happened to gem?

With the ChefDK you have to use chef gem instead.

Why don't you include /opt/chefdk/embedded/bin?

We don't fully include the /opt/chefdk/embedded/bin directory because it'll break your system in subtle ways.

/opt/chefdk/embedded/bin has commands like clear, tput, xsltproc, and xz. These are commands that are part of your system and are only included in ChefDK so it gets reliable results across platforms.

If we made shims of these commands, your system might break when not using chefdk and can produce unexpected results even if you were using chefdk if your version of these commands are different (e.g. Gnu vs. BSD or version).

Why not just symlink /opt/chefdk/embedded to $(rbenv root)/versions/chefdk?

For the same reason we don't include /opt/chefdk/embedded/bin: It breaks systems commands in unexpected ways.

Rbenv isn't working or is using gems from the wrong place

Make sure you undid any changes recommended by the ChefDK install instructions or in the Homebrew info gist.

Specifically, make sure you aren't calling chef shell-init anyplace in your shell startup files.

"can't find executable chef (Gem::Exception)"

This is probably because you are using rbenv-bundle-exec.

You'll have to tell rbenv-bundle-exec to ignore a bunch of binaries that are only in ChefDK:

echo chef >> ~/.no_bundle_exec
echo berks >> ~/.no_bundle_exec


You can reach me at or as docwhat on Freenode IRC.


Copyright (c) 2015,2016 Christian Höltje - Released under the MIT License (see the LICENSE file)

Note on Patches/Pull Requests

  • Fork the project.
  • Make your feature addition or bug fix.
  • Add tests for it. This is important so I don't break it in a future version unintentionally.
  • Commit
  • Send me a pull request. Bonus points for topic branches.
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