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The Python Practical Examples List. REAL projects for beginners.
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Python Practical Examples List

REAL projects for beginner/intermediate programmers.


  • a - Simple CLI Alarm Clock + Daemon
  • - Simple tool to check out multiple HEX colors so you don't have to Google them all :)

What is this?

This is a list of projects meant for beginners to learn Python and Git with!

Being a beginner myself, I find that there aren't many good examples or projects out there that are easy to contribute to. If you take a look at the awesome-for-beginners list, you'll find that these are pretty large and complex projects.

The projects here are much smaller, but also practical. These projects are no Jupyter Notebook, but they are also no for i in range(10): print(i)

You will learn useful things, like:

  • Reading and writing to files
  • List comprehensions
  • Regular expressions
  • How to use modules of the Standard Library
  • ...and much more!

... all of which are useful in programming in general, not just Python! (Except list comprehensions maybe...)

Sounds great! How do I get started?

If you are a beginner/contributor:

Go to one of the projects' pages, and follow the instructions there! Add new features! Submit and/or fix bugs! Ask questions! Get help with any of these! Have fun! :)

For more information on which tags to use when opening issues, etc., check out the Beginners' Guide (not the game).

If you are more experienced/a developer:

The above applies to you, too! But of course, you may have more experience with Python. In that case, try to improve the documentation/comments, help make the program more optimized, and most importantly, help the beginners!

For more information on how to make a good PPEL project, please consult the Developers' Guide.

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