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- removed the old explanation about wipe all and re-write strategy

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@@ -31,16 +31,8 @@ in Config::Model and Augeas lens are quite close together:
- Both structures must be very close. Each Config::Model node must
have a corresponsing lens.
-Last, but not least, Config::Model will write data back in Augeas in a
-rather crude way: all Augeas data for the saved file are wiped out and
-written back from Config::Model data. This ensures that data removed
-from Config::Model by the user are also removed from Augeas.
-Nevertheless, reading and writing through Augeas should work quite
-well as Augeas will still keep track of the original file structure.
-See Config::Model::Backend::Augeas to use Augeas with your
-configuration model.
+See Config::Model::Backend::Augeas documentation to use Augeas with
+your configuration model.
For more details on Config::Model see:

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