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Config::Model::Krb5 - Edit and validate Kerberos configuration

Config-Model-Krb5 is a description of the structure and constraints of of Kerberos configuration.

The description is located in the files under lib/Config/Model/models. This description can be loaded by Config::Model to create a configuration tree. (i.e. a set of objects to hold Kerberos configuration data)

The file lib/Config/Model/ contains code to load Kerberos configuration data from config file into the configuration tree and then to write back configuration data.


This code was originally written by Peter Knowles and is licensed with LGPL-2.1 (or more). Unfortunately, his priorities have changed and Peter is no longer interested in maintaining Config-Model-Krb5. He kindly agreed to let me publish the code in the hope that another maintainer will step up.


Here's a short list of what needs to be done:

Feel free to contact config-model author to get help on this task. Or send your questions to config-model-usets at