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@@ -28,9 +28,10 @@ Here's a short list of what needs to be done:
=item *
-Create the required files for a Perl distribution (i.e write a
+Create the required files for a Perl distribution, i.e write a
Makefile.PL or a Build.PL or use L<Dist::Zilla>. For the latter, you
-can re-use the [dist.ini from config-model-openssh](
+can re-use the
+L<dist.ini from config-model-openssh|>.
=item *
@@ -40,14 +41,16 @@ verify the model), I.e., after cloning this repo, run:
cme meta edit
-On Debian, run `apt install cme libconfig-model-itself-perl
-libconfig-model-tester-perl` to install the required packages.
+On Debian, run
+ apt install cme libconfig-model-itself-perl libconfig-model-tester-perl
+to install the required packages.
=item *
Add non-regression tests in t/ directory. Using
L<Config::Model::Tester> is recommended. See the test cases done for openssh in
=item *

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