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Edit and validate Xorg configuration (quite experimental)
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Config::Model::Xorg - Xorg configuration tool based on Config::Model

This module provides a Xorg configuration model.

With this module and Config::Model, you have a tool to tune the configuration of your favourite X server.

Installing Config::Model::TkUI is recommended as you'll have a more user friendly curses based user interface.

(You may also want to install Config::Model::CursesUI to get a curses interface in case Xorg server is down)

Once this module is installed, you can run (as root, but please backup /etc/X11/xorg.conf before):

  # cme edit xorg

If config-edit fails with your xorg.conf (See BUGS section below), you can try cme with -force option.

If you do not have the curses user interface, be sure to read doc which explain the basic command of the terminal based interface in Config::Model::TermUI

Keyboard model

If Xorg is installed on your system, the keyboard model will be generated by Build.PL from the content of the lst files in your xkb/rules directory.

If Xorg is not installed, this module will fallback on a keyboard model created on a Debian GNU/Linux system. (This is done so that CPAN testers can be run even on servers without Xorg).


This model is quite young and is incomplete.

So far, the following video cards have a model (see lib/Config/Model/models/Xorg/Device/ directory) :

  • ATI card (rather complete model for radeon driver and Fglrx model)
  • Nvidia card (very preliminary model for Nvidia proprietary driver)


 perl Build.PL
 ./Build test

If you want to install this software without packaging, type also:

 ./Build install
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