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What are cme and Config-Model ?

This project is about helping users maintain their configuration files (either system configuration files or user configuration files).

cme is the main command used to check or edit configuration files. It's usage is explained in Using cme


  • Provide non-technical users an easy way to learn and manage the configuration of their application
  • Provide all users automatic configuration upgrades
  • Provide developers a framework to minimize the work required to achieve this promise.
Read more to learn about objectives and properties of Config-Model


  • Reducing non-technical user confusion and mistakes during configuration file modifications.
  • Time savings time during software upgrade by providing non-interactive configuration upgrades that merge user local configuration with new configuration requirements.
  • Re-using these configuration tools to manage structured data beyond configuration files.
  • Encouraging project developers to re-think the structure and ease of use of their project's configuration.
  • Encouraging project developers to improve their project's configuration since migration is becoming easier on end users.




User mailing list:

  • ddumont at or domi.dumont at or dod at
  • Github
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