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include README.rst
graft setupext
graft scripts
# Load main dir but exclude things we don't want in the distro
graft IPython
prune IPython/deathrow
prune IPython/external/js
prune IPython/frontend/html/notebook/static/mathjax
# Include some specific files and data resources we need
include IPython/.git_commit_info.ini
include IPython/frontend/qt/console/resources/icon/IPythonConsole.svg
# Documentation
graft docs
exclude docs/\#*
exclude docs/man/*.1.gz
# docs subdirs we want to skip
prune docs/attic
prune docs/build
prune docs/gh-pages
prune docs/dist
# Patterns to exclude from any directory
global-exclude *~
global-exclude *.flc
global-exclude *.pyc
global-exclude *.pyo
global-exclude .dircopy.log
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