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Skip notebook 'static' dir in test suite.

There's nothing there we should be running python tests on, and
occasionally python files may appear there that cause problems to nose
(e.g. mathjax ships a non-py3 valid that breaks py3 testing).
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1 parent 9964f66 commit a1a90343ae3bf0cc90e0b9321baf1ac25530ac81 @fperez fperez committed
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  1. +5 −0 IPython/testing/
5 IPython/testing/
@@ -232,6 +232,11 @@ def make_exclude():
ipjoin('lib', 'inputhook'),
# Config files aren't really importable stand-alone
ipjoin('config', 'profile'),
+ # The notebook 'static' directory contains JS, css and other
+ # files for web serving. Occasionally projects may put a .py
+ # file in there (MathJax ships a, so we might as
+ # well play it safe and skip the whole thing.
+ ipjoin('frontend', 'html', 'notebook', 'static')
if not have['sqlite3']:
exclusions.append(ipjoin('core', 'tests', 'test_history'))

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