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#!/usr/bin/env python
## NOTE: ##
## this was generated by zero2pypi:
from setuptools import *
packages = find_packages(exclude=['test', 'test.*']),
entry_points={'console_scripts': ['piep=piep.main:main']},
install_requires=['setuptools', 'python>=2.6', 'pygments'],
long_description='\n**Note**: This package has been built automatically by\n`zero2pypi <>`_.\nIf possible, you should use the zero-install feed instead:\n\n\n----------------\n\npiep\n====\n\nBringing the power of python to stream editing\n----------------------------------------------\n\n| Zero install feed:\n|\n|\n| Online documentation:\n|\n|\n| Source Code / Issues:\n|\n|\n| Cheese shop entry:\n|\n',
description="unix-style stream manipulation with python's syntax",
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