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import os
class MoveFileCommand(object):
def __init__(self, src, dest):
self.src = src
self.dest = dest
def execute(self):
def __call__(self):
print('renaming {} to {}'.format(self.src, self.dest))
os.rename(self.src, self.dest)
def undo(self):
print('renaming {} to {}'.format(self.dest, self.src))
os.rename(self.dest, self.src)
if __name__ == "__main__":
undo_stack = []
ren1 = MoveFileCommand('foo.txt', 'bar.txt')
ren2 = MoveFileCommand('bar.txt', 'baz.txt')
# commands are just pushed into the command stack
for cmd in ren1, ren2:
# they can be executed later on will
for cmd in undo_stack:
cmd.execute() # foo.txt is now renamed to baz.txt
# and can also be undone on will
for cmd in undo_stack:
undo_stack.pop().undo() # Now it's bar.txt
undo_stack.pop().undo() # and back to foo.txt
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