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Dodcott-cum-Wilkesley Web Site.

This is the source for the Parish of Dodcott-cum-Wilkesley’s web site. The site is created using Pelican. This repository should contain all the components necessary to re-create the site. It also contains all the sites content and the history of every change made.


If you would like something published on the site, please send your contribution to Time constraints mean that I can only accept submissions by email in plain text.

I am happy to include items publicising an event, or a local business. If you want to include a picture, please email me in advance so we can discuss the best method of sending the picture. My email will automatically discard messages that contain large attachments.

If you think that you, your children, or your school would like to help build and extend the site, some very basic instructions are to be found in “Running the Site on Your Own Computer”. If you need more detailed help, please contact me at I am happy to help getting you started.

Design Philosophy.

The site is built using a tool that generates static html. Thus there is no need to set up and maintain a database and the site is not vulnerable to the sort of attacks that can affect sites built using php. Moving the site to another host is simply a matter of copying the files.

Content can be added in a number of simple text formats including Markdown making it easy for users to contribute. The site is themeable with a wide variety of themes available.

With the exception of pdf files, which are hosted on Google Documents all the content and history is available on Github, ensuring transparency. Anyone wanting to obtain a copy of the site which includes all the history of the changes made to the site can do so by cloning this repository.

Running the Site on Your Own Computer.

This is a very brief guide to getting the site installed and running on your own computer. This guide assumes that you have a working knowledge of how to use git and python. I am currently using Python 2.7, although you should be able to use Python 3.x (not well tested).

I am building the site on a computer running Linux. However, this guide should work if you are using a Mac. Windows users should also be able to install and run the site locally, as all the tools used are available in Windows. However, I don’t have a computer running Windows to test this with. If enough people running Windows want to contribute to development, I would be happy to install Windows in a virtual machine and provide more specific help.

Here are some very brief, non comprehensive, instructions for anyone who wants to download the site and run it on their own computer. If you want to try this yourself and need more help, please free to contact me.

Basic List of Things You Need.

Note all the software you need is Open Source and free.

  • Python . You need the latest 2.x version, not a version 2.x.
  • Git. A version control system.
  • A decent text editor, NOT a word processor. If you are using Windows Notepad++ is supposed to be good.
  • An ssh client. If you are using Mac or Linux you already have one built in. Windows users can download Putty.
  • A Github account. This isn’t essential, but will make your life easier. It’s free to join and use.

Using Python in a VirtualEnv.

I would strongly recommend that you set up Python in a VirtualEnv . This creates an isolated environment in which you can install packages without interfering with your computer’s own installed Python packages.

Installing Nikola.

It is strongly recommended that you use the pip software management tool, which is built into Python.

From a command prompt run:

pip install nikola.

You will also need to install the Markdown package for Python:

Using Nikola.

The full documentation for Nikola is available at Nikola handbook.

Getting the Source Code.

You need to download the source code and all the content for the site to your local computer. You need to use git to make a clone of the repository on the Github web site.

git clone

This will create a copy of everything on Github to a directory called dodcott-cum-wilkesley.

Running the Site on Your Own Computer.

Once you have used git to clone the site to your local computer, change to the subdirectory:


Building the site:

nikola build

will generate all the content in the output subdirectory. This contains everything that is on the web site.

You can use Python’s built in web server to view the site on your local machine:

nikola serve

You can view the site by opening http://localhost:8000 in your web browser.

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