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Jul 19, 2011

  1. Vitor Capela

    Add autotest as a dependency.


Jul 05, 2011

  1. Vitor Capela

    Parse tumblr video uploads and separate assets for our future AssetDu…


Jun 17, 2011

  1. Vitor Capela

    Add a couple of options, fix video export.


May 31, 2011

  1. Vitor Capela

    Parse photosets.

    Fixes sample data and tests as well.
  2. Vitor Capela

    Show progress when running.

  3. Vitor Capela

    Remove mentions of layout export. Too much trouble.

  4. Vitor Capela

    Remove option for layout export, and fix -h flag.

  5. Vitor Capela

    Utility to actually perform export.

  6. Vitor Capela

    Fully load a stream, fetching up to the last public post.

    This also changes mocks in related tests.
  7. Vitor Capela

    Decode HTML properly.

  8. Vitor Capela

    Amend: yes -- End of Magit header -- Decode HTML properly.

  9. Vitor Capela

    Decode HTML properly.

  10. Vitor Capela

    Fix bugs in content parsing (never code at 4am).

  11. Vitor Capela

    Add test for topics/tags.

  12. Vitor Capela

    Parse tags and create front matter with existing data.

  13. Vitor Capela

    Remove test residuals (REFACTOR later).

  14. Vitor Capela

    Move parsing of posts around.

  15. Vitor Capela

    Write passing tests for posts.

May 26, 2011

  1. Vitor Capela

    Modify command line info.

  2. Vitor Capela

    Test Contentizer and implement up to basic post parsing.

  3. Vitor Capela

    Ignore temporary files and output.

  4. Vitor Capela

    Project goals in writing. Sue me if I don't meet them.

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