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Get your things out of tumblr and into jekyll in a single command line.

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Tumble Out is a Tumblr to Jekyll migration utility. It extracts public and private posts from your tumblog and puts it in the "/posts" folder, using the original format for the posts.


$ tumble_out [OPTIONAL] tumblog_url

If you only give it your tumblog url, Tumble Out will extract all public posts and assets. If you give it your credentials, private posts will appear in "/private".

After it's all done, just copy your posts to your jekyll installation and have a joyful life static-site blogging.

$ tumble_out -h

will show you all the available options.

Source formats

Supported post formats are only HTML and Markdown. If you need Textile, feel free to fork it and send a pull request.

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