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This package is a collection of gulp tasks.


  1. Init project and install this package
npm init -y && npm i gulp gulpstart -D
  1. Make gulpfile and start with this
const gulp = require('gulp')
const start = require('gulpstart-wordpress')

start(gulp, {})
  1. Checkout all the tasks you can run
gulp --tasks

#Docker Commands

gulp dockerStopAll

Will stop and remove all currently running docker containers.

gulp startMongo

Will start a mongo db container

gulp stopMongo

Will stop and remove your mongo container

#Seed The seeder is a function can use in your gulp file. Example:

const gulp = require('gulp')
const start, { seed } = require('gulpstart-wordpress')
const faker = require('faker')

    taskName    : 'seedStaff',
    url         : 'http://localhost:3000/api/staffMembers',
    amount      : 2,
    seed        : () => ({
        name      :,
        position  :,
        bio       : faker.lorem.sentences(),
        email     :

Specify the api endpoint, what you want to seed, and how many of them you want to seed, and the gulp task will execute the seeder.

#Deploy Deploy runs now and deploys your project

#Loopback A few gulp tasks that will setup loopback with mongo db after you have initialized a loopback project