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Google sheets + RMarkdown + Cron for a weekly habit tracking report
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Google sheets + RMarkdown + Cron for a weekly habit tracking report.


Who doesn't want to form a few more good habits or get rid of a few bad ones? This repo contains some simple code I use to keep track of my habits and visualize how I'm doing.

There are all sorts of apps and services out there with bells and whistles to turn you into a better you but I prefer a simple technique: every day I log how I did on a few habits in a Google spreadsheet. The flexibility (of text entry) and anywhere-accessibility of Google sheets makes it a nice solution for me, and I like taking a second to write down everyday how I did on my habits.

To get an idea of how I'm going on my habits, I wrote up an RMarkdown document to check out my progress. Google Sheets has some cool automatic viz techniques, but I enjoy the added control of using ggplot2 on my data myself.

After visualizing my habits, I wanted a report automatically generated every week. Good old fashioned cron does just the trick for scheduling weekly jobs.

Read on to check out the code I used and how to adapt it for your own use.


  1. Copy this Google sheet to your drive:
    Keep the name of the spreadsheet the same: "Sample Habit Tracking"
  2. Run setup_googlesheets.R
  3. Try running habits.Rmd in R Studio
  4. Use your own spreadsheet or modify the copied spreadsheet and update habits.Rmd accordingly.
  5. Edit so cron knows where R and R libraries are located.
  6. Edit habit_tracking.cron and put the contained line of text into cron via running crontab -e from the command line.
  7. Enjoy your weekly habit update!

Detailed Instructions

...are available on my blog

Example Output

The report will look something like this.
You can also try opening example_output.html in your browser.

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