WUG Management System
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WUG Management System

A Project to manage Mikrotik and UBNT routers

Basic goals for the system are:

  • radius

    • rb access
    • wireless access lists
    • DHCP settings
  • rb scripts

    • script to remove all of the ctwug scripts, LDAP settings etc
    • main script to check for new scripts aka ctwug_init
    • gametime check script
    • firewall script
    • web server to serve the above
      • highly optimised PHP page to serve scripts + flags (gametime etc)
  • front-end

    • set of pages for all radius db entries
    • set of pages for scripts
    • set of pages for gametime setup
    • set of pages for firewall setup
  • stats for all of the above

    • Zabbix/Cacti/Nagios/Smokeping