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Entity generator

Typed entity generator from database. It can generate entities for whole database, table/view and from query

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$ composer require dodo-it/entity-generator


$config = new \DodoIt\EntityGenerator\Generator\Config([
    'path' =>  __DIR__ . '/Entities',
    'extends' => \Examples\Pdo\Entities\Entity::class,
    'namespace' => 'Examples\Pdo\Entities'

$pdo = new \PDO('mysql:dbname=example;host=', 'root', '');

$generatorFactory = new \DodoIt\EntityGenerator\Factory\GeneratorPdoFactory($pdo);
$generator = $generatorFactory->create($config);

see example folder

You can add your own methods to entities and change getter/setter functions, they won't be overriden when regenerated


see src/Generator/Config.php

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