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my awesomerc (too much for a gist)
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awesome-freedesktop @ e514e74 bump dependencies
conf update with awesome master
couth @ 04aa7eb update couth
lognotify @ 1e1cc85 update deps
lua-dbus @ d547b79 bump deps
lua-mpris @ ea9216e bump deps
obvious @ 8655bbb update deps
rodentbane @ 27a740d use my forks for now
theme add mpris client
uzful @ d247daf bump deps
vicious @ 02e1142 update vicious
.gitmodules add mpris client
backlight.lua update couth
fixes.lua refactor all the things \o/
freedesktop Moved something to somewhere... goodnight...
rc.lua update with awesome master
runonce.lua fix getting pids
theme.lua add mpris client
utilz.lua refactor all the things \o/
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