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{ Template, List, jqueryify } = window.dynamictemplate
EventEmitter = Template.__super__.constructor # i prefer nodejs eventemitter
# the templates
input = (tag, type, id, value, opts) ->
tag.$input(_.extend({class:type, name:id, type, id, value}, opts))
items = null # all our list entries
tplapi = new EventEmitter # every other event system should be suitable as well
list = jqueryify use:List.jqueryify, new Template schema:5, ->
@$div class:'controls', ->
input this, 'button', "add", "list.push(Math.random())",
title:"add to bottom"
input this, 'button', "remove", "list.shift()",
title:"remove from top"
input this, 'button', "insert", "list.insert(i, text)",
title:"insert at position"
@span " where "
@$label for:'nmb', ->
@text " i="
input this, 'number','nmb', "0"
@$label for:'text', ->
@text " text="
input this, 'text', 'text', "", placeholder:"try me!"
@$ul class:'list', ->
items = new List
tplapi.on 'add', =>
console.log "add entry"
items.push @$li -> @$p "#{Math.random()}"
tplapi.on 'insert', (i, text) =>
console.log "insert entry"
items.insert i, @$li -> @$p "#{text}"
tplapi.on 'remove', ->
# initialize
list.ready ->
window.test = list
$('#add').live 'click', ->
tplapi.emit 'add' # tell the template to add a new entry
$('#remove').live 'click', ->
tplapi.emit 'remove'
$('#insert').live 'click', ->
i = parseInt($('#nmb').val())
return if i > items.length
tplapi.emit 'insert', i, $('#text').val()
console.log 'coffeescript loaded.'