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BufferStream = require 'bufferstream'
streamify = require 'dt-stream'
# useful to just pump out html data to a stream
pipe = (template, stream) ->
return streamify(template, {stream}).stream.once 'close', ->
template.remove() # prevent memory leak
# useful for rendering a template directly into a response:
# use this to let template generation run and buffer the out when needed
# render(new Template(schema:'html5', body)).pipe(res)
# use this to let template geenration be paused by output stream
# render(new Template(schema:'html5', body), res)
render = (template, stream) ->
return pipe template, stream ? new BufferStream
encoding:'utf-8' # FIXME use template.options.encoding
# exports
module.exports = render
module.exports.render = render
module.exports.pipe = pipe
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