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Server Size Blazor (6)

This is an amazing piece of technology where your interactive web UI is handled via C# and streamed back and forth using web socket via SignalR.

The source code to Razor Component is here.

All the samples in this section runs on SSL. If you have not gotten your local self-sign SSL in order yet, please read this instruction.

  • Hello World

    This is the simplest Razor component app you can create. It will show you clearly the building block of a Razor component application.

    There are two extra settings for dotnet watch to monitor *.cshtml and *.razor file changes on two projects to make your development experience better.

        <Watch Include="**\*.cshtml" />
        <Watch Include="**\*.razor" />
  • Rss Reader

    This sample demonstrates that you can use normal server side packages with your Razor Component as it is a truly server side system. This sample uses Microsoft.SyndicationFeed.ReaderWriter package to parse an external RSS feed and display it.

  • Js Integration

    This sample shows how to access JavaScript functions available at windows global scope.

  • Dependency Injection

    This sample shows you that the 'Transient' and 'Scoped' Dependency Injection method have different practical impact on Razor Component.

  • Layout

    This sample shows how to use layout and nested layouts.

  • Multiple Starting Points

    In this example we demonstrates how three different Razor Pages endpoints act as starting points for different path of your Server Side Blazor.

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