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Add sql for update admin password

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1 parent f497270 commit ecc0870b37fb7db9f2fb276b14691153b1ae9f97 @dodyrw committed Apr 24, 2012
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4 upgrade_script/indexu_deluxe_24_to_indexu_70/readme.txt
@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ INSTALLATION
5) Now the database updated. Use phpmyadmin, edit configuration value in lep_config, edit url field to new location (http://www.domain.tld/). Make sure to add slash.
6) Then reset the admin password to 'admin'. Edit lep_user, edit user 'admin', set the password to
- c3284d0f94606de1fd2af172aba15bf3
+ c3284d0f94606de1fd2af172aba15bf3 or run the following sql query:
+ UPDATE lep_user SET password = 'c3284d0f94606de1fd2af172aba15bf3' WHERE username ='admin'
7) Login into indexu 7 admin panel. Update the category path (admin panel / categories / update category path).

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