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GPU-side implementation of the OpenCL standard-library for VC4CL
C++ Objective-C C CMake
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doe300 Improves some function performance
For complex ?:-operators, clang generates if-else blocks,
e.g. if clang cannot determine that neither side has side-effects.
By moving some calculations out of the ?:-operator, we allow clang
to use a select-instruction saving instructions and often also
execution cycles for either case.

Fixes implementation of sqrt and native_sqrt
Latest commit ed74948 Jul 14, 2019
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include Improves some function performance Jul 14, 2019
.gitignore Several improvements and fixes Dec 27, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Add: add CROSS_COMPILE option for x86_64 environment (#4) Mar 1, 2018
LICENSE Initial commit Oct 8, 2017 Readme Oct 9, 2017


This repository contains the VC4CL implementation of the OpenCL standard-library and is required to build the VC4C compiler.

For more information about the VC4CL implementation, see the VC4CL project.

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