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Test repo for renaming
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Test repo for renaming.

This repository has been renamed¹ from tezd to test² to tesd to You-are-so-lame to You-are-the-best-and-I-like-you.

Apparently GitHub keeps a list of old repository names, and redirects to the newest one.

So test redirects to a newly created repository.

¹) You can rename GitHub repositories via the repo's Settings-tab.

²) However, when you create a repository with an "old" name, that wil override the redirect. You won't get a warning from GitHub about this. When fetching with the old repository URL, you'll get the error: fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories. Fix: git reset --hard and git remote set-url origin new:// (or edit your .git/config or even re-clone the repository).

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