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Filter to put OSA languages (AppleScript, JavaScript) into git, as if they where plain text-files


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Filter to put OSA languages into a git-repository. So you can put your .scpt-file (AppleScript, JavaScript) into your git-repository, and get full textual diff support.


Either clone this repository, or download the latest release and unzip it to a folder where you want to install it.

Configure the filter by running the following command:

./ configure

For every reporistory you want to use it, put the line *.scpt filter=osa in the gitattributes of your repository. Do this by running the command below in the root of your repository:

echo "*.scpt filter=osa" >> .gitattributes


If you want to add your own git configuration, use the following configure command:

./ configure --no-git

To reset the configuration, run this command:

./ reset

If you have trouble with the script, switch on logging with:

./ configure --git-log

Logging can be found in ~/Library/Logs/Catsdeep/osagitfilter.log and can be easy inspected with

Some git-clients, like GitHub Desktop, can be quite chatty so log files grow quite fast. With the following command you can create a new log file, while preserving the old ones:

./ rotate

Default, it prevents from accidently committing AppleScript files with Debugging Mode (from AppleScript Debugger) switched on. Run osagitfilter --help to see more options.

I've setup a demo repository with different .scpt-files.


If you want to (re-)apply osagitfilter to a repository (for example, if you already added your binary .scpt file to git, but want to use osagitfilter), execute the following statement:

git add --renormalize .


Based on this answer by Daniel Trebbien on stackoverflow and help from guys on the Script Debugger Forum.