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Proxxon MICRO miller MF 70

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Proxxon Gmbh MICRO miller MF 70 Workshop PDF Tool: CNC Mill - Proxxon TBC

Class Orange Equipment Do not leave unattended Wear eye protection Wear ear protection No loose clothing/hair No lone working

See full safety information below


This machine is used for milling, a process whereby a rotating drill bit is used to remove material from a solid object.

It has a special skill: You can use it to mill PCBs, see MillingPrintedCircuitBoardsOnTheProxxon.

The ugraded firmware is Grbl V1.1, which has the capability of touch probing. (We need to add a new wire for the probe from the base circuit board.)

Try using for managing the G-code uploading and bed levelling.

How it works

Whereas a 3D printer starts with nothing and iteratively adds stuff to get the desired object, a mill starts with a block of something and iteratively removes stuff to get the desired object. It uses the same 3D model file format as the Ultimaker 3D printers.

It's a bit more complex to use, however. For example, depending on the hardness of the material being milled, and the desired resolution of the milling, you have to manually choose a specific drill bit.


  • Bed size: 92mm (X) x 83mm (Y) x ~70mm (Z)
  • The Z height is only approximate; it depends on the length of your bit, height of the sacrificial bed, etc.


The machine was donated by Martin Dunschen and Julian Todd, who had been using it to test some CNC software they developed. It was originally hooked up by parallel port to a PC running MS-DOS. There are some photos and a video of the original machine from back in 2005.

The machine has since been upgraded to facilitate CNC milling. For information on how we did that, see Proxxon Upgrade to CNC.

How to use it ???

Yeah, good luck with that :)

Safety precautions

The CNC Mill is a dangerous tool and poses serious risk of injury if improperly used or damaged.

Class Orange Equipment

Reducing waste

  • Reduce: Make your original block of material is as close to the dimensions of the desired 3D object as possible to reduce milling waste
  • Recycle: Depending on the material being milled, it might be possible to recycle it in the recycle bins near the kitchen.
  • Disposal: For any remaining waste, please put it in the workshop bin.





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