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Before you start


Drilling, Milling and Poking

  • Pillar drill - make holes in stuff
  • DrillPressSergeant - make holes in stuff
  • Arcitype - large experimental 3D CNC mill/router (in Dinky)
  • CNC Router - KinetiC-NC CNC Router machine
  • CNCMill - smaller CNC mill/router (Proxxon in Workshop)
  • Router - Makita RT0700c - Needs commissioning (In CNC room)
  • Belt sander - Ryobi EBS1310V - Needs commissioning (In CNC room)

Printing and Plotting

2D printers and plotters:

3D printers:

Heat (transferring and sticking)

Fibre Stuff

Misc and Electricals

CAD/CAM Software