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Before you start


Drilling, Milling, Poking and polishing

Printing and Plotting

2D printers and plotters:

3D printers:

Electronics (making and measuring)

Heat (transferring, sticking, etc.)

Fibre Stuff

Sound and vision and knowledge

  • Digital Infrastructure - all things virtual
  • Pico4 VR - Virtual reality for the masses, or at least anyone who wants to
  • PC Systems - computers in the workshop
  • Microscope - somebody use me!
  • Sense 3D scanner - Scan your bust and print it.
  • Hitachi CP-EX400 projector (resolution 1024x768) can be found in Events room with long VGA cable and HDMI converter.
  • Dell 3400MP (resolution 1024x768) is small and very portable in its own carrier case. Sitting at the bottom of the bookshelf next to the stationary cupboard in Room 29, possibly behind a large Amazon box.
  • PA System in the Events room needs instructions for use

CAD/CAM Software



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