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PC Systems

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NOTE: This page is for installed PC systems running WINDOWS. We also have some new (to us) laptops which @ajlennon has installed software on as per discussions with @jackiepease. It would be good to harmonise the two install procedures but for now for the laptops (and indeed any newer laptop systems) please see here

There are four public PCs in the DoES workshop used for running the various items of equipment for which only Windows drivers exist. All are on the network and sharing the DoES-samba freenas directory to make it easy to move your files onto them. Their password is "bubblino".

Core Software

  • Chrome - web browser

  • Avast Antivirus (Free) - anti-virus protection

  • DropBox - linked to DoES laser cutting cloud storage

Cad Software:

  • FreeCad
  • LibreCad
  • OpenSCAD
  • KinetiC-NC
  • Autodesk Fusion360
  • FlatCAM

Cygwin: useful for Linux-like operations within Windows

Linux Subsystem for Windows: Linux operations like cygwin, but more native

Obs Studio/Obs Classic: Useful for livestreaming operation of the CNC

VLC Media Player: Viewing live feeds of rtmp server, general media viewing

MPV: More modern and optimized than VLC, useful for viewing things controlled by CLI and more

Notepad++: Proper text editor for Windows that integrates into the context menus of the operating system

VirtualBox: In case any software is not compatible with the Win10 install, we can virtualize older systems and get it working

Maker Support Software (All PCs)

Inkscape: used for creation of EPS/DXF files for use with LaserCut

Gimp: may be of use for file conversion

QCad: may be of use for file conversion

Corel Draw X5: unlicensed trial - DFKJS-DFJKS-DFJK49-DFK (yet to try)

Corel Draw X4: license key is DR14R22-TJ4SD4U-E7ZQY39-5X8BUUU

Sublimation Printer "Bella" drivers - follow procedure here

Device Support Software

Laser Cut 5.0: used with "old" security dongle for Gerald

Laser Cut 5.3: used with "new" security dongle for Sophia

DLS842Setup: device driver and Dynmo application for LabelWriter 450

Installation files location

All installers can be found in the DoES Gitlab here (only available to some people so the link may not work for you)

NB. You will need to be granted access to the GitLab space. Contact a DoES director/organiser for details.