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Sewing machines

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Normal sewing

We have a Swiss-made Elna Carina Electronic SU which is advertised in Popular Mechanics October 1978 as having a pneumatic foot pedal and electronic control of the needle pressure.

Unusually, the lower bobbin is mounted horizontally behind the needle instead of vertically from the front.

There are two versions of the manual that you should refer to if you are doing anything. If you can't be bothered to read it, use the index page at the back "To remedy minor disorders" when it's not doing as you'd expect.

There are many embroidery features and a set of 2-axis dials for doing different patterns. There's a booklet of these plastic dials that independently control the advance and side-to-side motions. Someone with a lot of time could 3D print new ones, but there's probably a limit of about 12 stitches on it, so it would be more versatile to use servomotors to poke the two control levers -- or just buy a modern electronic sewing machine.


We also have a Bernette for Bernina Funlock 004 which is for sewing over the edge of the fabric rather than through it

There is a missing part to do with the thread tension on an arm held above the multiple thread spools which should be easy to replace if we knew what we were doing.

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