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Sticky Label printer

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Remember, one good label can save thousands of unnecessary opened drawers, boxes and spilt and damaged contents over its lifetime. Always be labelling!

Address labels

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 is attached to RolandVinylCutter.

The DYMO Label V.8 software is on the desktop and pinned to the tool bar.

The sticky label size stock is 28mm by 89mm rounded rectangles with perforations between them. See Issue #514 about reordering.

There's currently only one size.

Use for addresses (eg to Our Address is one of the saved labels) or to label your box in the workshop, cupboards, drawers, food, etc. in the space.

If it doesn't work try checking if the power and USB plugs are actually in!

Single line labelling

Niky the Dymo LetraTag used to be in the stationery cupboard in the old space, but seems to have gone missing and was slightly broken.

For skinny labels, we've been printing several lines on a full size address label and cutting them down with a pair of scissors.