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So, first of all, what is "Vanilla Hackintosh"? Vanilla Hackintosh means a Hackintosh setup that is as close to a real mac install as possible and being exclusively for your unique hardware.

What's the different between "Vanilla" and "Niresh" (distro's)?

Niresh (distro's) is an all in one installer which runs on all hardware. Although it has the most compatibility, they don't teach you anything and that's not what Hackintoshing is about. Also because of its compatibility, there will be more unnecessary things (like kexts and clover drivers, etc. ) and bloatware(s) in your Hackintosh.

Vanilla, meaning the most native way. In this way, you will learn how things work and that will be easier for debugging. And there will be less unnecessary drivers and kexts than Niresh (distro's).

For multi-booting, read this first.

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