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Unofficial python api wrapper
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Added new functions and support more api features

Licensed under GPLv3 license

# TODO: Add Movie.imdbLookup support
# TODO: Add Movie.addRating support

# TODO: Add Person.getInfo support
# TODO: Add Person.getLatest support

    import tmdb
    f = tmdb.Searc("Sin City") # it will return more than 1 result.Sin City search return 19 results.
    print f.howManyMovie() # return results count.For "Sin City" search, returns 19.
    for i in range(f.howManyMovie()-1):
        print f.getName(i) # Return all movie name for "Sin City" search.
        #print f.getUrl(i)
    Output :
        Sin City
        Sin City 3
        Sin City 2
        Sin querer
        Flash Point
        Sex and Lies in Sin City
        San Juan National Historic Site
        The Dark Side of the Sun
        Spirited Away
        Io sto con gli ippopotami
        Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster
        Journey to the Far Side of the Sun
        Roaring Wheels
        Rocket Singh Salesman of The Year
        Out of Time
        Skyline Cruisers
        Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
        Light of Day
>> class Person
    # Parameters:
    #   size: "o" or "original", "p" or "profile", "t" or "thumb" or anything
    > getAllImageUrl(self)
        @return: all images urls @type: string
    > getImageUrl(self,size)
        @return: image url @type: string
    > getImageHeight(self,size)
        @return: image height @type: integer
    > getImageWidth(self,size) 
        @return: image width @type: integer  
    > getImageId(self,size)
        @return: image id @type: integer
    > getImageSize(self)
        @return: avaible size parameters @type: list
    > getName(self)
        @return: person's name @type: string
    > getUrl(self)
        @return: url @type: string
    > getPopularity(self)
        @return: person's popularity @type: integer
    > getLastModifiedAt(self)
        @return: last modified date and time @type: string
    > getScore(self)
        @return: person's score @type: string
    > getVersion(self)
        @return: version @type: integer
    > getId(self)
        @return: person's id @type: integer
    > getBiography(self)
        @return: biography @type: string

>> class Search   
    > getLastEditedAt(self,no)
    > getRating(self,no)
    > getVotes(self,no)
    > getName(self,no)
    > getlanguage(self,no)
    > getCertification(self,no)
    > getUrl(self,no)
    > getOverview(self,no)
    > getPopularity(self,no)
    > getOriginalName(self,no)
    > getBackdropsUrl(self,size,no)
    > getBackdropsHeight(self,size,no)
    > getBackdropsWidth(self,size,no)
    > getBackdropsSize(self,no)
    > getImdbId(self,no)
    > getReleased(self,no)
    > getScore(self,no)
    > isAdult(self,no)
    > getVersion(self,no)
    > getPostersUrl(self,size,no)
    > getPostersHeight(self,size,no)
    > getPostersWidth(self,size,no)
    > getPostersId(self,size,no)
    > getPostersSize(self,no)
    > getTranslated(self,no)
    > getMovieType(self,no)
    > getId(self,no)
    > getAlternativeName(self,no)

>> class latestMovie    
    > getLatestModifiedAt(self)
    > getImdbId(self)
    > getName(self)
    > getVersion(self)
    > getId(self)
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