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Stormpath Java RoadStorm Tour Code

Check out the Java RoadStorm Tour landing page for tour dates and information.

The code included in this repo is the tutorial code used in talks on the Java RoadStorm Tour. There are two tutorials:

  • JJWT CSRF Tutorial - This shows how replacing the default CSRF handler for Spring Security with a custom handler that uses JWTs can enhance CSRF protection.
  • JJWT Microservices Tutorial - This is a demonstration of establishing trust between microservices using JWTs. It has both an HTTP mode and a messaging mode using Kafka.


  • JJWT - Java JWT library used in the tutorials
  • HTTPie - command line HTTP client (replaces curl)
  • Kafka - Messaging system used in the microservices tutorial. Note: All you need to do is follow the quickstart

For more information, look at the README in each of the tutorials.