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Note: This is a mandatory update as it involves a hard fork of the network. Please make sure you are running 1.6 to ensure that you're on the correct blockchain and not at risk of losing your DOGE

As per block 145k, the network will hardfork to adopt a new difficulty retargeting algorithm.

Update highlights:

  1. No longer a random block reward - we now only have static blocks. The current reward will be 250,000 Doge per block, with the halvening dropping us to 125,000 Doge per block, etc etc. This will prevent block cherry-picking; as we're seeing at the moment, with our community pools only seeing 100-200k blocks, while the multi's gaming the system are enjoying 300-500k blocks. From the 1.6 update, all blocks will be completely even.
  2. The DigiShield difficulty algorithm: again, developed and contributed by the very clever folks at , this allows for rapid block retarget times, and rapid recovery from multipools suddenly hitting the network; meaning that our miners will no longer suffer from extremely long block times if a Multipool does decide to jump on board. This new algorithm will retarget our block times much faster - ensuring the hard-mining shibe is not left holding the bag after the multipool ransack.
  3. Coins mined must mature for 4 hours (previously 30 minutes) before being spent. This is a precautionary measure, to give everyone more time to communicate following any future fork of the network.

For a complete history of all commits, please check the repository history. A big shout out to everyone who made this release possible, and happy digging shibes! :)