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@langerhans langerhans released this Jun 22, 2019

This is the long awaited Dogecoin Core 1.14!

Please make sure, if you upgrade an existing version, to make a (current!) backup of your wallet.dat file! We have successfully upgraded existing wallets in our testing, but you should always keep a backup of that file regardless.

This version contains a soft fork to enable BIP-65 (OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY). The fork is locked in at 750 of the previous 1000 blocks. At 950 of the previous 1000 blocks with base version 4, the client will start to reject blocks with a base version of <= 3. For pool operates this means that they should update to the final 1.14 version once it is released asap, but at least before the fork is activated to not risk mining invalid blocks after 95% of the mined blocks are on base version 4. While this is not very relevant to end users you should still make sure to update to 1.14 final sooner than later.

Updating will also enable us to continue testing with the 1.17 client, so please do so.

Please note that getinfo is deprecated and will be removed in the next Dogecoin release. There are now several different commands that contain parts of that data instead. Please see the release notes for detail.

Full release notes are available at

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