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Dogecoin Core 1.8 beta 1

This is the first beta of Dogecoin Core 1.8.

It already has AuxPoW functionality built in. Starting block for testnet was 158,100, for mainnet it will be 371,337.

Blockchain reindex

After you updated your client and start 1.8 the first time, the Qt client will prompt you for a reindex of the block data. It is important to accept this, as the format has changed. This takes, depending on your machine, somehwere around 15-30 minutes. It will not re-download the chain, just reindex your local copy. If you are running a daemon (dogecoind), then you need to manually start it with the -reindex parameter once!


Since the testnet already has AuxPoW enabled, you can start the client with the -testnet flasg and play around on it. You can mine directly into your wallet by pointing your miner to the IP of the wallet and port 44555. You may need to start it with -server and set a RPC user and password in the dogecoin.conf file.

Safe mode

If you are using the client on the testnet you might see fork warnings. In case your client goes into safe mode while playing on the testnet you can run it with -disablesafemode. We are working on making the transition on mainnet as smooth as possible for the final version.