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Doge Serialized Object Notation

Specification files and website


Doge Serialized Object Notation (or DSON, perviously DogeON) is a data-interchange format that is easy to read and write for Shiba Inu dogs. It strives to replace JSON and XML as the major players in terms of intercommunication between a wide range of services for Shiba Inus and other doge breeds alike. To make this goal possible and push on this idea, the DSON language is specified in these files, which are hosted on the following official website as well for everydoge to read and use:


There are already a wide variety of parsers and serializers available for this very new language, with the most sophisticated of them being DSON.djs, a DSON library written in DogeScript by its very author. It is most likely going to be implemented in the standard library of DogeScript 3 and is to be treated as the reference implementation.

If you want to write your own implementation and see it added to these files and the website, please create a new issue on GitHub and I'll gladly do so!


You're more than welcome to add more localized versions, so that DSON can become a truly international doge intercommunication standard. If you want to localize the website, please fork the official repository, copy the index.html and create a pull request once you've implemented your version. Please keep in mind to leave the keywords and everything language-related in tact! Do only change the explanatory part of the website. Have a look at the index-si.html file as a reference.

Share the love!

Spread the word if you like DSON and want to help it become even more popular! Write and blog about it, tell your friends and your grandma!

And remember: always be a caring and kind shibe!


Description and website of the Doge Serialized Object Notation, a data-interchange textformat that is easy to read and write for Shiba Inu dogs.



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