External agents for the Dogecoin <-> Ethereum bridge
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Dogethereum Agents

A set of agents:

  • Doge superblock submitter (DogeToEthClient.java): Sends doge superblocks.
  • Superblock challenger (SuperblockChainClient.java): Challenges invalid superblocks sent by rogue submitters.
  • Superblock defender (SuperblockDefenderClient.java): Replies to challenges made by rogue challengers.
  • Doge tx submitter (DogeToEthClient.java): Sends doge lock and unlock txs so they are validated and relayed to DogeToken ERC20 contract.
  • Operator agent (EthToDogeClient.java): Signs and broadcasts doge unlock txs
  • Oracle agent (PriceOracleClient.java): Informs the doge/eth price to DogeToken

If you are new to the Dogecoin <-> Ethereum bridge, please check the docs repository first.



  • IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2 or superior
  • JDK 1.8 or superior
  • Ganache
  • Truffle

Run ganache

ganache -l GAS_LIMIT -p 8545

Run dogecoin

  • Start the dogecoin node in regtest mode

dogecoind -rpcport=22220 -regtest -rpcuser=RPCUSER -rpcpassword=RPCPASS -datadir=DATADIR

  • Mine 1 doge block to "wake up" the dogecoin node in regtest mode
  • To verify it is working

dogecoind -rpcport=22220 -regtest -rpcuser=RPCUSER -rpcpassword=RPCPASS -datadir=DATADIR getinfo

Java project setup

  • Clone this repository
  • Open IntelliJ IDEA
  • Import project as Maven
  • Configuration file
    • Create a custom configuration file by making a copy of the sample configuration file dogethereum-agents/src/main/resources/dogethereum-agents.sample.conf and place it anywhere you want, e.g. /home/yourUser/dogethereum-agents.conf
    • Edit these entries to point to your computer paths
      • truffle.build.contracts.directory
      • data.directory
      • operator.private.key.file.path
    • Note: On windows paths have to be between "" and with a double backslash \ as separator. E.g. data.directory = "D:\dogethereum-agents\storage\data"
  • Create Run configuration
    • In Run/Edit Configurations... add a new "Application" configuration
    • Set parameters like this
      • Name: Main local
      • Main class: "org.dogethereum.agents.Main"
      • VM options: -Ddogethereum.agents.conf.file=path_to_configuration_file_copy
    • Note: On windows paths have to use the double backslash as separator.

Run the agents

  • Delete agent data dir (data.directory config variable) before each restart just to make sure you are on the safe side.
  • On IntelliJ IDEA go to Run/Run...
  • Select "Main local" run configuration


MIT License
Copyright (c) 2018 Coinfabrik & Oscar Guindzberg