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Pro Git Book Content, In Korean

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Build Status

Pro Git Book Contents

This is the source code for the Pro Git book contents. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. I hope you enjoy it, I hope it helps you learn Git, and I hope you'll support Apress and me by purchasing a print copy of the book at Amazon:

It is also available online at:

and fully translated in 10 languages.

Making Ebooks

On Fedora (16 and later) you can run something like this::

$ yum install ruby calibre rubygems ruby-devel rubygem-ruby-debug rubygem-rdiscount
$ makeebooks en  # will produce a mobi

On MacOS you can do like this::

  1. INSTALL ruby and rubygems
  2. $ gem install rdiscount
  3. DOWNLOAD Calibre for MacOS and install command line tools. You'll need some dependencies to generate a PDF:
  4. $ makeebooks zh #will produce a mobi

Notes on pandoc

Please use Pandoc version 1.11.1 or later as older versions(confirmed on has a bug which hides a word after tilde ~. You can do pandoc -v to see which version you have installed.


If you see anything that is technically wrong or otherwise in need of correction, please open an issue and one of the maintainers will take a look.


If you wish to translate the book, your work will be put up on the site. Please put your translation into the appropriate subdirectory of this project, using the ISO 639 and send a pull request.

Sending a pull request

  • Be careful to use UTF-8 encoding in your files.
  • Do not mix changes to the original english with translations in a single pull request.
  • If your pull request changes a translation, prefix your pull request and commits'messages with the ISO 639 code, e.g. [de] Update chapter 2. Please only push files where there is already some translation done.
  • Make sure the translation changes can be automatically merged. The maintainers can not make the merge manually if there are some conflicts.
  • Make as sure as possible that the changes work correctly for publishing to pdf, ebooks and the website
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