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MavESP8266 Web Interface


The idea is to have some sort of web interface so you can check the status and change parameters. While that is not done, there are however, a few URLs that can be used. Obviously, you need to be connected to the WiFi Bridge's Access Point for these URLs to work.

Get Parameters

This will show the current parameters and their values.

Get Status

This will show the current comm link status.

Set Parameters

This will allow you to set any parameter to the specified value. Once set, the values are stored in non volatile memory (EEPROM) but will only take effect once you reboot it. Use this with caution as you may lock yourself out. For instance, if you change the AP password and don't remember later, currently you must either trigger the reset pin (see README) or reflash the module in order to revert the parameters. Also note that there is no validation done to the values entered.

There are the supported parameters:

Key Default Value Description Example
baud 921600 UAS UART Link Baud Rate
channel 11 AP WiFi Channel
cport 14555 Local UDP Port
debug 0 Enable Debug Messages
hport 14550 GCS UDP Port
mode 0 Set to AP Mode (0) or Station Mode (1)
pwd pixracer WiFi AP Password
pwdsta PixRacer WiFi STA Password
reboot 0 Reboot the WiFi Bridge
ssid PixRacer WiFi AP SSID
ssidsta PixRacer WiFi STA SSID
ipsta Wifi STA Static IP
gatewaysta Wifi STA Gateway
subnetsta Wifi STA Subnet

You can combine any number of parameters into one request. For example:

To connect to a typical existing network with a static ip:

Upload New Firmware

This will bring up a simple page with a button to allow you to pick the new firmware.bin file to upload and a button to upload it to the WiFi Bridge. Again, caution when using this as there is no validation yet.