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##Sqlite db data descriptions

list of tables and their column headers and descriptions

###subject terms ####data enriched from dbpedia

  • id - artist id, primary key in artworks

  • subject - individual subject term as used in dbpedia (to be used as http://dbpedia.org/page/Category:$subject_term)

###artists ####data scraped from the enartete datenbank and enriched form dbpedia

  • id - artist id, primary key in artworks

  • artist - string, artist name

  • uri - resource location in dbpedia (not 100% accurate due to lazy NER)

  • born - date of birth

  • born_yr - year of birth only

  • died - date of death

  • died_yr - year of death only

###artworks ####data scraped from the entartete datenbank

  • catalog_id - not used

  • db_id - id as used by the creators of the database for this project

  • loss_thru - how artwork obtained by Nazis originally (?) (e.g. Seizure, Exchange etc.)

  • artwork_title - title of artwork or piece

  • location - current location of artwork (if not lost or destroyed)

  • date_lost - not used

  • material - material used in composing the artwork

  • ek_inven_id - original id number given to the artwork by the Nazis

  • uri - permamenent url for the record in the enatartete datenbank

  • art_form - material and or technique in creating the artwork by the artist (e.g. watercolor, printmaking, sculpture, etc.)

  • envelope - container location, if applicable

  • work_status - current status of artwork (e.g. destroyed, lost, recovered)

  • db_title - title of artwork or piece as recorded in the Entartete Kunst records

  • work_date - year work was created

  • artist_id - primary key for identifying artist

  • copyright - copyright terms, if applicable

  • inv_orig - musuem of origin inventory number (?)

  • env_part - container location, if applicable

  • museum_orig - original museum where artwork was housed before seizure (if applicable) (?)

####data enriched from dbpedia

  • id - artist id, primary key in artworks

  • nation - nationality or country associated with artist

###nationalities - data enriched from dbpedia

  • id - artist id, primary key in artworks

  • mvmnt - name of artistic movement associated with artist