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Offline System Certificate Renewal


PKI server provides a mechanism to recover from expired system certificates. This mechanism can also be used to renew the certificates before they expire. There are 2 ways to renew the certs

  1. Automated Renewal Process
  2. Manual Renewal Process

It is assumed that you have the following:

  • Valid CA signing cert
  • Valid admin cert

To verify these assumptions are valid:

  1. List details of all system certificates. (Note down the <cert ID> of the certificates that need to be renewed)

    # pki-server cert-find
      Cert ID: ca_signing
      Nickname: ca_signing
      Serial Number: 0x1
      Subject DN: CN=CA Signing Certificate,OU=pki-tomcat,O=EXAMPLE
      Issuer DN: CN=CA Signing Certificate,OU=pki-tomcat,O=EXAMPLE
      Not Valid Before: Wed Dec 19 17:33:21 2018
      Not Valid After: Sun Dec 19 17:33:21 2038
  2. Check details of the admin certificate

    # certutil -L \
    -d <admin NSS database> \
    -n <admin cert nickname>
            Version: 3 (0x2)
            Serial Number: 6 (0x6)
            Signature Algorithm: PKCS #1 SHA-256 With RSA Encryption
            Issuer: "CN=CA Signing Certificate,OU=pki-tomcat,O=EXAMPLE"
                Not Before: Sat Dec 15 02:16:26 2018
                Not After : Fri Dec 04 02:16:26 2020
            Subject: "CN=PKI Administrator,,OU=pki-tomcat,O=

Automated Renewal Process

One line tool that fixes all certificates:

# pki-server cert-fix \
-n <admin cert nickname> \
-d <admin NSS database> \
-c <admin NSS database password>

One line tool to fix one particular certificate:

# pki-server cert-fix --cert <cert ID> \
-n <admin cert nickname> \
-d <admin NSS database> \
-c <admin NSS database password>

For all available options, you can type:

$ pki-server cert-fix --help

Manual Renewal Process


It is recommended to run the following steps to ensure that CS.cfg and NSS database are synchronized and that the server can operate without any issues.

  1. Disable self tests using the following command:

    # pki-server selftest-disable
  2. Synchronize NSS database and CS.cfg for all system certificates that are to be renewed

    # pki-server cert-update <cert ID>

Bringing up the PKI server

  1. Create temp SSL certificate. The temp cert will be created in /etc/pki/<instance>/certs/sslserver.crt

    # pki-server cert-create sslserver --temp
  2. Delete the existing System cert if exist

    # pki-server cert-del sslserver
  3. Import temp SSL certificate created in previous step

    # pki-server cert-import sslserver
  4. Start server

    # systemctl start pki-tomcatd@pki-tomcat

System Certificate Renewal

  1. Renew required system certs using PKI tool. For sslserver cert provide the serial number from the original SSL server cert to avoid placing request for unintended cert.

    # pki-server cert-create --renew \
    -n <admin cert nickname> \
    -d <admin NSS database> \
    -c <admin NSS database password> \
    <cert ID> \
    --serial <serial number>


    using 3rd party tool, like certmonger. Please refer certmonger manual to renew the certs.

  2. Stop server to update PKI server instance to use latest renewed certs

    # systemctl stop pki-tomcatd@pki-tomcat
  3. Delete the existing NSS database certs

    # pki-server cert-del <cert ID>
  4. Import the renewed permanent certs into NSS db and update corresponding CS.cfg files

    # pki-server cert-import <cert ID>

    Note: Make sure the Audit Log has the trust flags: "u,u,Pu" by running the following command:

    # certutil -L -d /var/lib/pki/pki-tomcat/alias/
    Certificate Nickname                                         Trust Attributes
    ca_signing                                                   CTu,Cu,Cu
    transportCert cert-pki-tomcat KRA                            u,u,u
    storageCert cert-pki-tomcat KRA                              u,u,u
    auditSigningCert cert-pki-tomcat KRA                         u,u,Pu
    subsystem                                                    u,u,u
    sslserver                                                    u,u,u
    ca_ocsp_signing                                              u,u,u
    ca_audit_signing                                             u,u,Pu
  5. Enable the self test using the following command:

    # pki-server selftest-enable
  6. Start server with new renewed system certificates.

    # systemctl start pki-tomcatd@pki-tomcat
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