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Dogbot is a ChatOps bot based on the Dog task runner and the Dogfile Spec.

Unlike similar bots, Dogbot allows you to directly expose shell scripts in your chat room. It's designed to use /bin/sh by default but it supports multiple scripting languages. Check the Dog documentation for more details on the supported runners.

This initial version works only in Slack but other platforms will be implemented eventually.

Use in chat

List all tasks

@dogbot list

Run a task

@dogbot taskname

Ask for help

@dogbot help


Dogbot requires you to provide a Slack API key and a Slack Bot ID.

You can either use the environment variables DOGBOT_API_KEY and DOGBOT_BOT_ID or provide the values as command-line arguments (-key and -id).

By default Dogbot looks for a Dogfile in the current path of execution, but you can specify an alternative directory using -dogfile.