An effort to port pywikibot scripts to the perlwikibot framework
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 * MediaWiki::Bot - 3.0+ is required!
 * The whole tree of dependencies brought in by MediaWiki::Bot 3.0+
 * GetOpt::Long
 * Pod::Usage
 * Config::General
 * File::Basename
 * Term::ReadKey
 * Term::Prompt


Config files are of the standard format parsed by

In config/main.conf, specify a default bot username. Then, create a
named bot block. Here, you should specify the password, and the default
wiki the bot operates on:

        bot = Mike's bot account
    <bot Mike's bot account>
        password    = the account's password
        wiki        = enwikibooks

Running scripts

Use the --dry-run option to check that all the settings or arguments the
script needs have been provided. This might include queries over
network, but the wiki's won't be edited. You might additionally use
--debug to get extra detail about what's going on so you can try to fix

Once you're satisfied the script will run properly, run it for real:

    perl --any --arguments="that are needed"

Bugs/feature requests

We endeavour to make these library of scripts as complete as those
provided by [pywikibot](, but
that is a far-off goal at present. If you need a perlwikibot of a
pywikibot script that isn't done yet, let us know and maybe it can be
moved to the top of the pile.

Bug reports and feature requests can go in
Bugs in [`MediaWiki::Bot`](
go to <>.


This is a young project and we have lots of work ahead of us - your help
in making this project as complete as pywikibot is welcome. Get the
source from [git](

    u@h:~$ git clone git://

You can work on what you want, or start porting scripts from
pywikibot. You can find bug reports & feature requests for other scripts
to work on in

To have your work merged, send patches or pull requests to
Mike.lifeguard <>.